Lol Nice Schedule, Bro

Yeah, yeah, I know what I said. This just came up so suddenly and it felt so important. Perhaps a sign I should ditch scheduling on this. It isn't a job afterall. I don't need to stress myself out over a hobby. I'm not gonna completely forego the schedule, but look at it as more of a general guideline than a rule set in stone.

Anyways, I mention this because I just published a pretty weighty, personal piece. Not much more to it. It got written in a couple of hours, so pardon any errors in communication. On another note, I feel a lot better than I have the past few days.


Scheduling, Sorry, and Stories

Been a depressing past couple of days for me. Have had trouble getting much work done or anything of the likes. I know these next two things are not going to be of the greatest quality; however, I need to upload them before they crush me under their weight.

Firstly, I have created an "about me" page. Though I consider it a part of the meta series, it will only be linked to this post. Secondly, I have finished a particle on the Second Vatican Council. It isn't good.

Both works have undergone severe cuts, revisions, and remain overall unrefined in their current states. I hope to fix them when I get to feeling more up to it.

Finally, the issue of scheduling. I plan to upload a new particle every 4, 6, or 8 days after the last and upload a new article on the 16th of every month.


Heading Forward

Long time, not much content. I did create the meta series, which contains information of little use for most people. I will be updating that as needed. Beyond that, I've started an article on democracy, but it is far from finished and working on it is rather stressing given the amount of research I'm having to do for it. In light of this, I've decided that it would be a good idea to start another series.

I'll be calling the new series "particles". They're essentially going to be short, informational pieces. I want to write them on things that catch my eye as they do. I think this new series will give me a chance to step back from the massive project that my first article is and allow me to explore some other things I love. I'll update this when the first particle gets finished, which will hopefully be today. Thank you to anyone who is keeping track of my site, I hope to get more content out there soon!


The particle is now officially available to all.


A Small Introduction

In case you couldn't tell by the last page, I'm not the best at this stuff. My site is more of a conglomeration of many ideas I've liked than it is much original content. Currently at least. I'll be progressively working more and more on the site. I hope to actually get some genuine ideas put out there, instead of just having a list of ideas that I haven't fully committed to yet.

Anyways, that's mostly just me being my harshest critic, I guess. I'm new to all this web design stuff. I love the neocities community, though. There's a lot of really cool stuff out here and I hope to find more.